Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pizza & Toppings

Thank you, Rosa, for such a yummy challenge! Peter Reinhart's pizza dough has been my go-to recipe when I crave pizza. I believe it to be far tastier than any pie ordered from the local pizzerias.


I had high hopes for perfecting the "toss", but alas my attempts were stymied by sticky and tearing dough. No worries, I'll keep trying and perhaps next time, enlist the help of a friend who's worked in a pizza shop.

Olivia (1)

I'm fortunate enough to live near the Zingerman's conglomerate, which offers pizza making classes at their Bakehouse. But I think I'll save the "tuition" $$ and splurge on yummy toppings instead. My pies were topped with a blend of cheeses, red onion, green olive, artichoke hearts, and fire roasted tomatoes.

Olivia (2)


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