Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I made the pizza right at the beginning of the month. There is only one photo of the dough, none of toossing and throwing and none of the 12 pizzas we made. Most of them were salami pizza, because the children eat only these. As to the tossing an throwing - I din't get it. even after 12 pizzas they always were too thin in the middle and then got holes. So in the end I had to kneed the doughs once again and rolled it like usual. As to the dough, I will use this recipe in the future for my pizzas, even if it will take me years to manage the tossing and thowing. This were the most delicious crusts we ever had.

- Tanja


jen said...

fabulous work, I think I'm going to try a salami pizza soon, we love salami. 12 pizzas?!

Tanja said...

When we have pizza, some friends of the children will always come over as if they have smelled it's pizza time... ^__^
Actually we had 11 salami pizzas and 1 with grilled eggplants, red peppers, garlic and cheese (my favourite).