Friday, October 31, 2008

Daring Bakers, my second challenge!

Well, I have actually made this pizza dough before and I loved it. Last time I did it in the oven on the back of cookie sheet on parchment, and it worked out very well, but it did heat my kitchen up to ungodly tempratures. So, this time around I thought that I would channel some Bobby Flay and make my pizza on the grill. It worked out wonderfully. Tossing pizza dough turns out to be a skill that I do not have, but I did toss it back and forth in my hands and coax it into a somewhat unifrom amoeba shape. We made all six dough balls, there were 3 of us eating and we wanted some leftovers for lunch the next day.

We made garlic bread pizza, just add garlic butter, and parmesean. This was a hit with everyone. Everyone made their own, so i'm not sure what all the toppings were but I had artichoke and mushroom pizza with lots of cheese. I will defiantley use this dough again, and I loved making it on the grill, it was really easy and a lot of fun! It also allowed for me to make 2 -3 pizzas at a time, which is nice when you are making personal sized pizzas.

- Kelly

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