Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holey Pizza!

I am not a pizza person so this October's daring bakers challenge is truly a challenge for me. This is the reason why I joined the Daring Bakers - to do recipes that I wouldn't normally do, to force me to make items that are not in my comfort zone.

Making the dough was easy, using the dough hook of the mixer really makes it so much faster and easier on the hands. Since I never made pizza dough from scratch or even used store bought dough before, I was not sure if the texture or consistency of the dough I made was right.

The next night I decided to head to my sisters place and have "Pizza Night". I did this because she has the pizza paraphernalia in her home - a pizza stone, corn meal, and a pizza paddle. I came with my dough and the various toppings I decided to put on the pizza. I made 6 kinds of Pizza: Olive oil/Anchovies/Roasted Garlic/Sauteed Mushrooms, 4 cheese, Olive oil/roasted garlice/Jamon Serrano/arugula/shaved parmesan cheese, Pepperoni, Italian sausage/mushrooms/onions/black olives and the last one was Olive oil/roasted garlic/sundried tomatoes/mozzarella/basil.

I loved how the crust was thin and crispy. I had a very hard time shaping the dough, I could not even attempt to do the tossing part! Some of the pizza dough had holes because it was very thin. Therefore, my pizzas all look odd shape. Nevertheless, my family liked it - flavor wise. This recipe is a keeper for me.

- Aleli

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