Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Experiments in Pizza Dough

I have my tried and true pizza dough that I have been making for years. Given to me by my sister who made it for years before that! That dough recipe produces a lighter and softer crust that transitions from pizza crust to calzone dough to breadsticks to cheesy-bread. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled about this challenge because I already make pizza dough about once a week. But, since I am a persevering person, I made the big batch of dough planning to have it that night. Oops, I have to let it sit in the fridge overnight… The next night I plan to make it only to find that my girls have already had pizza for lunch…Oh well, I’ll make it the next night….Nobody wants pizza that night since they will be having pizza the next day!!! What to do?

So along comes an unplanned and unconventional meal idea that pleased everyone in my family! I decide to sauté some sausages (polska kielbasa type) and fresh green beans, slice up some apples and pears and make some fantastic italian pizza dough “garlic bread”. I rolled out the dough in a rustic rectangle and spread it with butter, minced garlic, some sea salt and a pinch of Italian herbs. It was strong enough to be lifted up and placed on the pan without breaking and losing shape. I baked it on my well seasoned stoneware dish (no cornmeal needed) and it was great! The extremely hot stoneware and oven created a crispy, bubbly dough that melted in our mouths. I was so busy pulling dinner together I never got a kid to take my picture throwing the dough – and honestly, I figured it would end up on the floor  I have 3 more dough balls sitting in my freezer and I am looking forward to using those soon for pizza or some more of that delicious garlic bread!

- Robin

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