Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Challenge: Pizza

Here's what I made:

1) chorizo, mushroom and green pepper
2) red onion, roast pumpkin, baby spinach and brie cheese
3) basil, sundried and normal tomato slices, and bocconchini cheese.

I made all pizza's with a simple tomato sauce base, from one of the suggested websites, putting in heaps of dried herbs. Then covered the base with a sprinkle of motzerella cheese, for the sticky, stringy effect, so I didn't loose all the topping.

The dough was yum, but unfortunately I couldn't get my oven hot enough, just using a baking tray, to get a crisp crust all the way in the middle of the pizza, even though my tossing job had it stretched out VERY thin (sometimes hole-ey!).

I had friends round for a cocktail n pizza friday night, and it was enjoyed by all, not even a slice left over cold for the next day :( hehe.

I certainly like having the idea to keep the dough balls in the freezer tho. Very handy, and lucky when it makes so much. I'll be able to have a healthy homemade pizza on a week night now :)

- Monique

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