Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lavash Crackers with a side of Delicious-ness.

Although I have printed out many different cracker recipes in the past, I have never actually gone through what seemed like the arduous task of making them! This Daring Bakers Challenge forced me to get out my rolling pin and give the art of cracker-making a try. The result: surprisingly easy and tasty.

I rolled the dough as thinly as possible and tried not to worry about its unruly shape. After covering the surface with minced garlic, caraway seeds, poppy seeds, and sea salt, I popped it in the oven where they proceeded to take a life of their own, becoming unevenly browned and bubbly. I snapped the cooled sheets into large , rugged-looking pieces and dunked them into a giant bowl of Honeydew-Peach Salsa and proceeded to groan in satisfaction. Homemade crackers – who knew they could be this good?