Saturday, September 27, 2008

I just Dare to be a Baker. For the first time.

Vegan? Gluten free? Never tried those before, so why not. First attempt was both successful and…not as the Lavash was ate before I even started with the dip. It’s such a great snack just as it is!! But than I got my little Help-er.


And we made it again. It was topped with nigella on one half and cumin seeds on the other (we got two sheets out of the recipe)


At the begining I was thinking of dozens of dips I could make for Lavash. Humus. Black olives Tapenade. Hot & Spicy salsa. Guacamole. Hot apple chutney. Sweet apple/cinnamon sauce. Even poppyseed dessert. But I could only make them after visiting store. And I was running out of time, as the Lavash was already on the table. So I made an eggplant/tomato/red pepper/onion/chili/olive kind of dip (i just used vegetables available-meaning: in my fridge). It was almost too late. But I managed to take a photo. One.


Definitely I’ll make it again. I just stopped believing in dips. Thanks Shel and Natalie for hosting. I look forward to October.

- Borgia

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