Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Drought, or, Languishing With Lavash

Dear Readers, the summer has finally just concluded. Fortunately, here in sunny Los Angeles, we had a very mild and temperate summer. This turned out to be very advantageous, since, now that I write full time, I have no air conditioning, and so you may entertain yourself with the image of me in ratty tank tops and shorts, schvitzing in front of my computer. But, lest you think I spent the summer at the beach or catching up on reruns, I’ve actually been working my tushy off, trying to make a deadline. My very first deadline under contract. Ahhhh.

But, you may be asking yourself, what does all this have to do with Lavash Crackers, this month’s DB Challenge?

Wow, are those crackers

Readers, the well is dry. Maybe not dry, but the water level is low. I just don’t have much in me to describe the process of making lavash crackers. And, let’s face it, has anybody ever really gotten excited about crackers? If I ever find myself at a dinner party seated next to the world’s biggest cracker enthusiast, I think I may try and change my seat. Or feign injury. “Gee, I’d love to discuss the merits of Carr’s Water Biscuits, but I seem to have sprained my uvula and must go home to put it on ice.”

That’s not a disparaging comment about this month’s host. The crackers, ultimately, turned out to be very tasty, and Z. and I enjoyed them with the required accompanying vegan dip (I opted to make a white bean and roasted garlic dip). But I just don’t possess the wherewithal to wax rhapsodic about crackers. Give me a cake or cookie or pie or bar or pastry. Then I might be able to bestir myself from the torpor induced by three months straight of writing all day, every day. Crackers…not so much.

Yep...those are crackers, all right

So, Dear Readers, I give to you, in their unadorned glory, Lavash Crackers. Those topped with coarse sea salt were the biggest hits. I’d eat them right now, if any were available. Easy to make. Quickly eaten. Wake me when it’s time for pie.

I remain,
Yours, &c.

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Anonymous said...

Short and sweet, oops salty.