Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lavash Crackers: The Q and A

Here are my thoughts on the challenge:

Did I like the crackers?
Yes, they are delish. The crackers remind me of store bought pita chips only better.

Would I make the crackers again?
If I had all of the ingredients, YES!!! Since I still do, I probably will. I am such a carb addict that when I want crackers, I gotta have them now...Sorry but true. I would definitely make these for guests or a football get-together. I would probably serve these crackers with homemade spinach dip or the vegan cilantro "pesto" below.

I plan on making a "sweet" batch in the near future. I first need to finish my Wilton cookie blossom classes before I start any more baking.

What would I do different?
I would definitely mist the crackers a little more. Most of my cracked pepper, poppy seeds and Zijuatanejo (sp???) sea salt fell off. This was a total bummer. The poppy seeds were from last year's garden and the sea salt was from a cruise to Ixtapa...I hate to waste these ingredients.

What are my thoughts on the Tahitian Almond Dipping sauce?
It wasn't a sauce...I followed the ingredients exactly and ended up with a paste...In fact, my cuisinart food processor started to smoke. I ended up using more than a whole orange worth of juice just for half a batch...The taste was horrible. I love a great diversity of foods and spices, but this just did not do it for me. The texture and taste were of bad peanut butter.

I ended up making another vegan sauce out of cilantro, basalmic, a garlic clove, agave nectar, olive oil, pine nuts and s&p. This came out fantastic. It tasted almost like a cilantro pesto, just without the cheese. This dip is in the picture below. It's an ugly green brown color, but dang it's good.


Who is going to eat these crackers?
Probably just my husband and I. He is downstairs snacking on them as I type...He says that he likes my cilantro sauce. Yeah.

Was the recipe easy to make?
Most definitely. The dough came out perfect. It was very easy to roll. My crackers were done in about 13-14 minutes. I used the convection feature on my oven...It automatically drops the oven temperature by 25 degrees F.

- Angelique

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