Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lovin' the Lavash!

I really enjoyed making something I would NEVER have picked out myself! It reminds me of the years I was part of a book club. I read so many great books that I would never have dreamed of reading if left to my own devices. It changed my whole reading repertoire and made me a much more adventurous reader!


Imagine making your own crackers when there are whole aisles at the grocery store devoted to crackers?! I’m so glad I did! These were easy and fun to make – not to mention delicious!!! I made mine savory with a mixture of spices. Fresh ground garlic salt was a favorite with everyone, rosemary and sea salt was very good, I liked the fennel and sea salt ones, but my kids didn’t care for that – ha, more for me!


For the dip, I made The Joy of Cooking’s hummus recipe that has been a long time favorite. They worked well with that. I was really hankering for an olive tapenade dip to go with these crackers, but alas, the crackers were eaten all up in one day and I haven’t had the time to make more.

I am looking forward to trying these again – especially some of the sweet cinnamon sugar variations. Thanks for this fun September challenge!


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