Monday, September 29, 2008

Lavash Crackers and Topping

I looked so forward to this challenge, because I just so do love crackers. But I had never heard of Lavash Crackers before.

First I was unsure about the unbleached bread flour, but then I decided to make two batches of dough with type 1050 flour.
(For German flour type numbers see here.

2008.09.27. Daring Bakers Lavash 1050 all 5 2008.09.27. Daring Bakers Lavash salty 5
2008.09.27. Daring Bakers Lavash 1050 sweet 3

Following this recipe was pretty easy. I made sweet ones with cinnamon,sugar and almonds and salty ones with salt, dried garlic and dried italian herbs, salty and ones with salt and ones only with salt.

They all came out O.K. I was the only one who liked the sweet ones so I decided not to make any topping for them.

For the salty ones I made a tomato topping and an avocado topping and as special request of my boyfriend some shepherds topping which doesn't belong to this challenge because it isn't vegan.

2008.09.27. Daring Bakers Lavash salty 6

The tomato topping was to everybody's liking and eaten before I could take a photo. So there is only one photo of Lavash Crackers with avocado topping (and shepherds topping).

As for the crackers, my family was very unison in deciding that the crackers can really go without topping, too. I will make those crackers from time to time in the future.


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