Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuiles via Pizzelle Maker!

I did somenting a little bit diffent than others. I used my pizzelle maker for the tuiles. Karen and I had addressed this option via email. I did plan on baking 1/2 and using the pizzelle maker for the other half. Unfortunately, it wasn't until after I made the batter that I noticed that I did not have any parchment paper.

I must say the final product was quite yummy and pliable. Unfortunately, most of the tuiles/pizzelles did stick to the pizzelle maker. Without the sticking, I think that I would have ended up with about 6-4" pizzelles. I will not be using this batter for pizzelles again due the sticking and breakage.

I also had problems with the butter curdling. I set both the eggs and butter out for several hours before using. I guess that my house was cold enough to make the butter curdle. Next time, I'll cream my butter a little longer. Maybe that would have helped.

I bought my pizzelle maker about 2 years ago and have only used it twices. Both times, I used different recipes, neither of which had the fabulous taste of this one...So, I am still in search of a great pizzelle recipe. If you have one, please share.

I filled my tuiles (pizzelles) with store bought whipped cream with toasted almonds (Trader Joe's) and the caramel simple syrup from a previous challenge mixed in. There wasn't enough of that mixture to fill both pizzelles, so I filled the rest with plain whipped cream. I drizzled a warmed chocolate sauce on top. The whipped cream started to melt fast. I wished I could have taken more pictures. before the cream melted...Oh well. When eaten, the caramel whipped cream almost tasted like flan or other type of custard. I swear, that syrup is evil-good.

I'll definitely use this recipe again. I bought some 1/16" form core to make a pattern

- Angelique

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Baking Soda said...

I promised you the recipe! Will see to that shortly. (Although my mom is in 7th heaven right now because my sis got her first baby teehee)