Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Challenge - Tuiles

I made the original sweet Tulies, luckily I had been given some vanilla sugar over xmas, so I could even add that. It was all pretty straight forward, and I loved the way they browned on the outside, and were so lovely, crisp and caramelized. Although I didn't think this was right at first, and had a few that were underdone, and a bit floppy and rubbery.

I had trouble keeping my family away from them long enough to make something to accompany them. I got round to making some fruit moose, the same recipie from the Yule log last month, using some squish looking nectarines and the frozen egg whites we always seem to keep in supply in the freezer. It was a great way to avoid wasting the egg yolks from the recipie as well. My family loved the Tulies and the moose, and were definately harping on at me for the recipie of the Tulies to make more, which I have to say I liked and will do, when I can find the time to roll them up all pretty in shape :)

Thanks for the recipie, can't wait for the next.

- Moni-Q


Baking Soda said...

They look wonderful! I noticed more people thinking the tuiles shouldn't brown, maybe it's a Dutch (European?)thing but I don't know better than that they look exactly like yours in the pic.

Sara said...

These look really yummy! :)

Jen D said...

They looked delicious. I was having a time of it trying to roll mine like that. Good job and good luck next month.