Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Russian Grandmothers' Apple Pie-Cake for TWD

I really enjoyed this challenge - the crust making went very well; I had it in the fridge for a day and it was not too sticky to roll out; used foil and some sprinkled flour to get it to go smoothly and it flipped quite easily into the dish. I used Golden Delicious apples and baked it for 65 mins. I just loved the puffy rising of the crust due to the baking powder. What would I do differently next time? Use foil strips to cover the edges of the pie dish as the edges got too brown and use a mix of different types of apples for more flavor; otherwise it was a winner. I took it to the Office on Monday and it got excellent reviews so I felt much encouraged. I have never baked an apple pie before now. Am looking forward to the Brioche Raisin Snails for next week. Lovelycats.


Lis said...

Perfect post!! Yay for you, sweets! :)

And your apple pie-cake looks amazing! Yum!


Dolores said...

I'm a day behind with my pie-cake... didn't read the recipe completely and missed the part about 'let the crust rest for 3 hours'. Ah well, it'll be a sweet and satisfying breakfast. Great job with yours!

Sharon said...

Hello....I tried commenting on your other site, but I didn't see comments enabled. I am a TWD member and just wanted to say that I had thougt about doing the already done recipes for TWD. The carmel flan was the first one I had done. Good luck! Love your french bread...makes me hungry.