Sunday, March 30, 2008

My First Challenge as a Daring Baker!

This is my first challenge as a Daring Baker! I am very excited to join this group and happy to be able to participate even without having a blog of my own. You must know that when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, now 27, my Gran insisted I learn to cook. She, nor I, had any idea of the cooking queen it would release!

My husband is out of town so this was the perfect time to be creative and cook all day with no interruptions! From the moment I read we could change the flavor (not a lemon lover) my mind began to whirl! At first I thought pineapple and coconut, but it sounded boring. Then, the fruit market had Mango 2 for $1.00 and oranges that were sweet as sugar on sale, so it was decided for me.

JaneAnn-1 Cake-from-the-Oven JaneAnn-2 Cooling-cake

I had copied the recipe then made my changes,(my creation listed below)printed and was off to the kitchen. I like to get everything out measure everything out then start. That way if I get distracted, (the dog, the cat, the phone) I won’t put not enough or too much in. Did that with cookies once, but that is another story.

I made the cake which was a little confusing; it never mentioned the consistency of the batter, which look like curled milk. It to spread it , but my consistency was soft enough that a little pan shaking did the trick. I used loaf pans because, I loan my pans out and never seem to get them returned. But it turned out cute. It smelled wonderful and came out of the pans perfect! I sampled a little and it was moist and very yummy!

JaneAnn-3 Creating-the-glaze JaneAnn-4 Candied-orange-peel-

While the cake was baking I peeled and mashed the mango, with my potato masher, added the ginger and let it sit. I was not sure how zesty the ginger would make it so I add only ¼ teaspoon after an hour tasted it and added another ¼ teaspoon. Then I made the orange syrup to “baste” the cake with before I layered the mango filling and orange butter cream. I candied some orange peel for decorating but forgot to set the timer was side tracked and some of it became hard candy! Once the cakes where cool enough put everything in the fridge, planning to make frosting and assemble the next day.

JaneAnn-5 Glaze JaneAnn-6 Frosting

The frosting, I had 4 egg whites left over from my Easter bread I made in the morning, using them I followed the directions and what a beautiful frosting! It looked like satin while I was beating the whites (before the butter). Once it was done (substituting fresh orange for the lemon juice) tasted it. It was not as “orangey” as I expected and concerned if I add more juice it might change the consistency, I added 3-4 drops of orange oil. It was good not too over whelming.

JaneAnn-7 Filling JaneAnn-8 Cake-with-filling

Assembly After slicing the cakes I anchored it down with some frosting and place the top down on the board, brushed it with a table spoon or so of Orange syrup then 1/4 cup of mango filling,( I would use 1/3 c or more if made again) then a layer of frosting. I did not measure the amount of frosting, as I am not big on frosting so I used just enough to cover the filling. Continued with remaining layers, brushing top layer with Orange syrup only, then frosted. I saw a video on mock basket weaving for applying frosting. I am VERY rusting a cake decorating but figured it’s like “riding a bike”(laughing) GUESS NOT! All things considered it did not turn out too bad.

JaneAnn-9 Decorated Cake

Our family was celebrating two birthdays and Easter on Palm Sunday, so the cake will be judged by my harshest critics, my children and mother! Well every one except my son in law enjoyed it. Even my Mother said the cake was light and the filling was delicious! We all agreed the frosting was a bit much, it was very “buttery” and heavy, almost bordering on greasy. Not sure if I add more orange flavor or juice would have made a difference. I think I would make orange whip cream for frosting next time.

JaneAnn-10 Cut-Cake JaneAnn-11 Slice-of-Cake

This was a fun and very enjoyable challenge and I look forward to participating in future challenges. If anyone would like my version of the recipe please email me for a copy here.

-Jane aka Artstuff2


Lis said...

I love how you went rectangular, Jane! And your decoration is perfect! We're so happy you've joined up.. looking forward to your future posts! :)


L Vanel said...

Very pretty cake! I like the way you decorated it.

JJ said...

I love the square shape! Very cool! Mango and orange together = DELICIOUSNESS! I will have to email you for the recipe:-) Good job.

Morven said...

Yummy yummy yummy. I love your flavour combo and your decorating is just outstanding. Glad you enjoyed the challenge.

Angel said...

Oh wow a fresh mango filling now that sounds decadent. Your basket weave on the sides looks pretty too!