Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Daring Bakers Strike Again!!!! And of course, after 3 challenges, this daring baker still doesn't have pictures. My (inset profanity) mac just doesn't want to let me have pictures on anything!! 

Anyway back to cake..YUM! I have a love-love relationship with cake. As long as it's not to much chocolate, I can eat the whole thing! This months challenge was The Perfect Party Cake by Dorie Greenspan and oh let me tell you, it was perfect. It's a yummy velvety lemony cake with a light and fluffy lemon meringue frosting with raspberry jam in between. I followed the recipe as is but I made a few changes to the look. First, I made a square cake. Hubbs came home one day this month with a big bag of new cookware for me just because. Isn't he the best?? So I decided to play with the square ones. The cake was velvety and fluffy and lemony, everything it was supposed to be. It almost made me worry how easy this was becoming. I let it cool, and covered it to be frosted and decorated the next day. 

In the midst of all the cooking for Easter, the cake was frosted. My 2 year old niece and I made the frosting together, if I was able to put pictures in (*profanity* mac) here would be the amazingly adorable picture of my niece sitting on my kitchen floor with a small bowl of frosting and a whisk..more frosting on her than in the bowl. I decided to make 1 and a half servings of the frosting because i still wasn't sure what I was going to be doing with my decoration. 

So then I started. First I cut the 2 cakes in half. Then some jam, some frosting, next layer, little jam, some frosting and then, OOH! Stupid, forgot the fresh raspberries, and so on. Frosted around the cake smoothed it out and thought..and thought..and thought..I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do on top. So because time was ticking I played it safe. I piped a shell border around, warmed a bit of jam so it was pour-able and poured that on top, then topped with some fresh raspberries and some shaved white chocolate.

It was a great cake, I will make it again and again. Thanks Morven for this months challenge and the rest of the daring bakers just because.

Go check out the rest of theirs now!!


Lis said...

Fantabulous, Marisa! As always you do a great job of describing your cakes.. I almost don't miss the photos! And I must say, you outdid yourself this month.. the layer of liquified jam on top with the shell border is GENIUS! :D

Beautiful job!


Morven said...

Hey if it's good enough for Dorie not to have photos of everything in her book it's good enough for us Daring Bakers. Glad you liked the cake - me too!