Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What do I do with all of these yolks?

I was disappointed with my cake as it turned out a bit dry and overdone in 30 minutes. I had followed the recipe exactly: the batter was of thick pouring consistency, not at all dry. Looking back, it seems my organic eggs were rather small which could have contributed to a dry crumb rather than a moist soft cake.

My other concern was about the egg yolks. I had no idea how to use up all the remaining egg yolks. Also, as I am not a fan of butter cream icing, I quartered the recipe for the butter cream and prepared enough to experiment with. Next time, I think I will try using cream instead.

• Though I had used a 9' pan, the cake still formed a dome. However, no cracks
had formed.


• The crumb looks dry rather than soft and moist.


• The frosting turned out well, but personally, I found it to be too sweet.

Next time I will use cream with less sugar for the frosting.


I will definitely try to prepare this recipe again, but I with a few adjustments. Hopefully, it will turn out better the next time around. Also, if anyone has an idea on how to use up the yolks please let me know. Are there any desserts in which I can use these yolks?

Looking forward to the next challenge, the nutty baker.


Sandicita said...

An idea for the yolks: some sort of custard or lemon curd. You can make chocolate pots de creme (recipe on epicurious), which turn out delicious! Beautiful cake, by the way.

Morven said...

Egg yolk uses: lemon curd (you'll still need some whole egg), ice cream, yellow cake, hollandaise sauce or.... a treat for your cat if you have one.