Sunday, April 27, 2008

Daring Bakers First Challenge

This challenge was my first Daring Bakers Challenge. I'm excited to be participating and I really enjoyed this month's Challenge - looking forward to many more!


The anticipation of the finished product is what motivated me for this challenge. I have made a cheesecake or two before, but many years ago. I didn't find the challenge daunting, but I knew it would still be challenging to me - I seem to always manage to misread directions. However, I am happy to say that my challenge turned out successfully.

I have used a water bath before to make a delicious flour-less chocolate cake, so being familiar with one of the techniques ahead of time was settling.

I wanted to make the pops for a baby shower I was hosting for one of my coworkers. The shower was on Friday, so that left limited preparation time. I was up at 6 am Thursday making the cheesecake. Being up at 6 am period is difficult for me - and to be required to bake something at that time was quite interesting. All went well - except when the cake had been in the oven for 45 minutes and still looked soupy! I started to freak out because I was worried I had done something wrong. I was ready to scrap it, when I called my mom - and we decided it wouldn't hurt to leave it in and see what had happened. I wished I had read some of the Daring Bakers blog earlier to see that others were having this problem!

The cheesecake turned out wonderfully, after about 1 hr 15 minutes in the oven - and was extremely tasty! I'm saving this recipe for sure!

Meagan (1)

I used a cookie scoop to form the pops - froze for a few hours, then dipped in melted milk chocolate wafers. I then rolled the pops in some candy coating. I was very impressed to see all the different coatings that others used. Next time, I will definitely experiment.

Meagan (2)

I did plan to drizzle pink chocolate over the coated pops - but I had trouble melting it. I didn't add the shortening - and that possibly was what caused the pink wafers from not melting.

Looking forward to next month's challenge!

- Meagan


HoneyB said...

Great job! I'm sure all those at the shower loved them!

Susan said...

Very nice! You were definitely in the majority with the extended baking time. Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

Agatek said...

your pops are great
I'm new as well :)

marye said...

welcome! They really came out nice!

Sandicita said...

Welcome to DB! My cheesecake also took longer to bake... around 80'. They look so beautiful and even. Great job!

Deborah said...

Great job on your first challenge! They look great!

Bobbie said...

Cute sprinkles, Meags!

Do you always bake with your coat on???

Sheltie Girl said...

Very pretty. I'm so glad everyone liked your pops.

Natalie @ Gluten a Go go