Sunday, April 27, 2008

I didn't think Cheesecake could get any better...

but, I was wrong. I was so excited when I read the challenge for this month. I have made cheesecakes before but I like how you can make this recipe your own with the toppings and decorations - such a cute idea. This was a simple recipe and I have to say that it is the best tasting cheesecake that I have ever made. So smooth, so delicious.
My only major issue was that it was really wobbly in the middle when I took it out of the oven. I figured it would act right once it got refrigerated over night. Unfortunately, I was wrong on that point. When I started cutting toward the middle it was still quite loose and I got frustrated and almost gave up. That's when my sous chef (Mom!) stepped in and started to cut all around the edges where it was holding up a bit better. We decided to save the middle gush for eating with fresh strawberries. Not a bad idea at all. I got enough to make a decent showing for all my DB homeys:
I decided to use a mixture of semi-sweet, milk chocolate AND peanut butter chocolate chips for the dip and to garnish with graham crackers. On a few of them I sprinkled some pink sugar.

Not too shabby except for a couple losers on the end that couldn't stand up straight:

Here are some close-ups:

Verdict: SUCCESS!

Thanks for the challenge, ladies. I had fun!


Faery said...

they look really yummy:I also made square pops

Sandicita said...

Those look fantastic! Nice job!

Deborah said...

The peanut butter chips are a great idea - yum! Great job!