Thursday, February 28, 2008

French Bread by Julia Child

Niharika (1)

I had a good time preparing the bread. It was a challenge as I rarely follow the recipe exactly as stated. I even read the recipes at least three times and had the book open on a chair as I shaped the dough. I let the dough rise at far more cooler temperatures as I had to fit it around my day. I had to look up information about the canvas and purchased a 1/2 yd. piece of duck cloth from Jo Ann.
I would consider this a difficult bread for a new bread baker.


-Niharika Shah
(Nutty Baker)


L Vanel said...

Whoa, those look perfect! Congratulations!

Sandicita said...

Your batards definitely look beautiful. The slashes are perfect. Nice job!

breadchick said...

You loaves look perfect.

Thanks for baking with Sara and I

Sheltie Girl said...

You did a lovely job on your loaves.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Aparna said...

Niharika, I kept my promise.
And your breads look pretty good. Onto the next challenge.

Princess of the kitchen said...

lovely baguettes. Well done