Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bowling with Julia??


I started using a new and different yeast touted as being a "liquid" yeast found here in Italy - probably meaning it was mixed with water ahead of time but it was found in the refrigerated section meaning the yeast was probably made "lazy" by the cold.

Monica (1)

I added slightly more flour than called for due to the fact it was a humid and rainy day here in Tuscany. However, after the two rises I really was sure this bread was not "it" and I was right.

Monica (4)

The bread turned out a bit like a bowling ball (I chose to make 2 boules out of the batter which I slashed before putting in the oven).
I was a bit surprised at the fact that they did not rise enough or create a good "crumb" - most likely due to the yeast I foolishly chose to use.

Monica (5)

The first boule I took out of the oven was not cooked enough, the crumb was too moist, so I let the other one go a long while which was too dark for my kids' taste bt actually I liked the somewhat darker crispy crust.

Monica (6)

The comment that I heard repeatedly though was the fact that it lacked salt - I used the required amount - maybe we are salt-a-holics around here but it could have used more salt.... anyway, I can tell my bread flopped and I am sorry about that as I am sure Julia would be disappointed in me! :-(



Lis said...

BAHAHAHA! I couldn't resist the title :P

Also.. when/if I ever get my own post up - go look. I used traditional yeast and mine didn't get nearly as poofy as yours.. I'm envious!

E-mail.. I owe ya one, soon as the DB end of month/new challenge stuff is squared away I'll write back. :)


L Vanel said...

I think that you have honored her memory by giving this a try. It still looks like it would taste pretty good, warm with some salted butter...

Sandicita said...

I don't think Julia would have been disappointed. Wasn't she all about experimenting and trying new things? She didn't even start cooking until her 40s. I think she would have appreciated your effort!

Mer said...

I agree. Julia would have been proud of your effort.

breadchick said...

Julia would have laughed and then said "OH Well, now you know what doesn't work!" I think it was the yeast.

Thanks for baking with Sara and I

Sheltie Girl said...

Great title! Julia would not be disappointed in you. She would be proud. You experimented, baked out of your comfort zone and learned a thing or two. It makes you a great Daring Baker!

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Aparna said...

I think Julia would like it that you tried the recipe. The culprit was probably the yeast you used.
I used regular yeast and my bread wasn't too great either.