Monday, November 26, 2007

Yay, my first DB challenge!


I had a lot of ideas for things to do with this recipe, lots of pesto and garlic and cheese floating around in the back of my mind, but what really happened was I got busy, I had to host Thanksgiving, life in general was not kind to the idea of me doing something interesting and yummy with this bread. So, I just got a chance to make the bread yesterday, and I really wish I’d had time to work with it a bit more. I made it simply as the recipe described, no time to get Daring, but I would have liked some added flavor. The end result was okay, but I’ve made better bread. I thought it was a little bit salty, and it just didn’t stand out as “great bread.” My husband really liked it for a turkey sandwich; he described it as hearty, and he liked the chewiness.


As for actually making the bread, I enjoyed working with the soft dough, although it was challenging to knead because of the stickiness. It has been a long time since I’ve made bread by hand, but I think I’m going to let the bread machine and the KitchenAid take a rest, and do it the old fashioned way a little more often.


I’m not sure if my kitchen was really warm, or what happened, but it rose a lot more than I expected, and my large loaf ended up overflowing the loaf pan and getting a mushroom shape.


I braided the rest of the dough, but instead of rising up, it sort of oozed out sideways. Maybe I should have put the braid into a loaf pan to contain it and make it go up.

So, in conclusion, I really liked that this challenge got me in the kitchen making bread without machines, and I plan on doing that a lot more, but I don’t think I’ll be making this particular bread again. I can’t wait for the next challenge, and I am proud to now officially call myself a Daring Baker!



Lis said...

Way to go Brooke! Your bread looks fabulous and I like that braid! I don't think it looks bad AT ALL!

Glad the hubby liked it.. mine liked my bread too. =)

Welcome to the DB'ers!


Sandicita said...

I think the braid looks beautiful! I'm surprised your bread came out salty because mine came out bland. I wonder what that's about (maybe different salt?)
Great job and welcome to DB!

breadchick said...

Fabulous looking loaves! Great job on your first challenge!

Susan said...

My guess on the salt thing is that it's about the variable amount of flour. Using less flour will make it more salty (i.e., there's more salt per unit of flour).

Anyway, beautiful bread! Very nice job on your first challenge.

April said...

Well done on your first challenge. Your loaf is beautiful!

I(dot)J said...

that braid looks amazing. How'd youd do it? Congratulations.

Peabody said...

Great job on your first challenge.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Super Brooke. Love that braid! I'm right with you on knead by hand, I do just enjoy it. Happy baking!

Jen Yu said...

That braid is lovely. I'm impressed! Congratulations on your first DB challenge and welcome to the Daring Bakers :)

-jen at use real butter

Tartelette said...

That braid is just fat gorgeous!! My favorite kind! Way to go on your first challenge!

chronicler said...

Good job Brooke! Your bread looks marvelous!

Deborah said...

Great job!! I love the braid - looks wonderful!

Sheltie Girl said...

Congratulations on a successful first DB challenge. Your bread looks fabulous...nice job on the braiding too.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Gabi said...

Great Braided Bread Brooke1
Congrats on your 1st challenge!

Julie said...

Congratulations on your first challenge! And I agree with your hubby--this was fantastic sandwich bread. Your loaves look great, and I'm glad the challenge inspired you to knead more by hand!

Dolores said...

I think the braid is gorgeous Brooke. Congratulations, and welcome!

Dan said...

It made very very good toast.
thanks honey
love Dan