Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Potato Rolls for Thanksgiving

I made my November recipe on November 12 because I was afraid I would run out of time before Thanksgiving. My mother and I have been doing the recipes together and we decided to make rolls to freeze for Thanksgiving.

Kathy's rolls

We were able to complete the recipe as it was written and our bread rose as expected. We made balls for our rolls, put them in the pan to rise and we must have made the balls of dough too large or did not put them far enough apart because when they rose the second time it looked like one big piece of flatbread. I cooked it but they had not risen high enough and it was mostly crust.

I thought the recipe was good but I would make either a loaf of bread or foccocia the next time. It is the type of bread I would serve with soup or an entree salad but not with a big dinner. We had a good time making it and this recipe made me want to try some other bread recipes. I am looking forward to December's challenge.



Lis said...

I couldn't have been more surprised and happy to see your post in my inbox, Kathy! Yay! I'm glad you did end up being able to bake this month - and with your mom, how fun. =)

I think the rolls looks fab..I like when they smoosh together before baking, because I like the soft sides you get from pulling them apart.

Way to go! You made my day =)


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Cool Kathy. So glad you joined us! Sometimes yeast surprises us. The focaccia is good but I think the rolls look pretty yummy! Thanks for baking with us.

Jen Yu said...

I have to say that the focaccia is worth the trouble because it is soooo good. Your rolls look great and every time I have made rolls, they moosh together during the second rise. Isn't that how rolls are supposed to be? ;)

-jen at use real butter

Tartelette said...

Great job Kathy! You make me want to make the challenge again next time my mom comes to visit!

chronicler said...

Very nice entry! It's always more fun with two in the kitchen.

Deborah said...

Great job!! My bread rose like crazy, so I'm not surprised to hear that yours ended up as one big loaf instead of individual rolls. It looks wonderful!

Sheltie Girl said...

You did a great job! It sounds like you and your Mom had a great time baking.

Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

Gabi said...

Hey Kathy-nice rolls!

Christina said...

Your rolls look yummy! It sounds like you've been bitten with the bread-baking bug!

Julie said...

Kathy, your rolls look tasty! I agree--this bread would be great with soup. I'm glad you had a good time making it.

Dolores said...

Fresh baked pull-apart rolls, made and enjoyed with family. What a lovely way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday!