Saturday, November 29, 2008

Carmel? I LOVE CARMEL!!!!!

I have to admit, with this being my very first DB Challenge I must have checked to see what the challenge would be a thousand times!! When it was, finally, posted I couldn't wait to get started!! Forget chocolate.... it's all about the Carmel baby!!

Having never made Carmel anything before I was a little intimidated, but everything went really well... all three times I made it! My Carmel syrup turned out really well. The taste was good... the consistency was good... but... it always went too thick or hard by the time I got around to making the frosting. So I had to adjust. I thought it was cooking too long. My "slightly sticky" was too sticky. I though it was when it was slightly tacky.... not so much. The third time I made it I cooked it till it almost felt think between my fingers... if that makes sense. This time I was able to make the cake... the frosting... and it was still soft enough to decorate with. YAY!!

I made two cakes and one batch of cupcakes. My sugar and I agree that for whatever reason the cake had a much better crumb then the cupcakes. I have never noticed a difference before in other recipes. Don't get me wrong... they were both fantastic... but the cake was more dense and both times the flavor was better.

The first time I tasted the frosting I really didn't care for it. I was worried I used too much salt.. but I thought that I needed it to cut through the sweetness. However, after it sat for a few hours, I loved it!! It just gets better and better as it sits.

The verdict from friends and family is that this is definitely "a keeper".

- Bluzet

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