Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mysterious Chocolate Sauce Disappearance!

I just completed my first challenge. And a challenge it was.

I had never made eclairs before. I had to try three batches of dough till they came out as they should. But thanks to tips posted along and by other members I was able to determine my mistakes and finally get some nice results.

First I forgot to slice them while in oven and they went flat as sheets.
In my second attempt I surely was too fast in goving in the eggs and finally opened the oven too early and they went flat again. So I had to make a third batch of dough.

For the first batch I had decided to use both the chocolate pastry cream filling as also the chocolate glaze and had made pastry cream and chocolate sauce ahead beforehand.

2008.08.25. db eclairs 09 left banana right pudding

But I never used the sauce for the glaze because the first eclairs were all flat and we ate them only with the cream or nutella on top while I started the second batch. They came out flat like the first batch and my boyfriend found a liking in the chocolate cream filling so that there was no trace of it as I came to fill the third batch of eclairs.

So I had to change plans. First I wanted to fill them all with whipped cream. But one moments unawareness and now we have a nice amount of sweetened butter to eat. *sigh*

With nearly all my cream gone to butter I had to improvize once more. I decided on making two different cream fillings. I cooked some thick vanilla pudding and whisked some cream fraiche into it.

2008.08.25. db eclairs 12 with banana filling

Then I made some youghurt-banana-cream because bananas go so well with chocolate. I filled half the batch with vanilla cream and the other half with banana yoghurt cream.

Finally I cooked the glaze with the rest of the choclate sauce which was miraculously also nearly half gone (and some innocently looking childen couldn't remember anything). I must say this glaze is the best I have ever made. But I don't know if I will ever make that chocolate sauce again. It took nearly 40 min. to thicken but as it did it was delicous.

The eclairs were gone before I could finish my photo session at all. All of them prefered the chocolate cream filling which went with the first two batches. Threre surely can't be enough chocolate for these kids. There was a debate about which of the other fillings was better but one of the children doesn't like vanilla, one other doesn't like bananas at all so I think there is no winner between the two.

2008.08.25. db eclairs 10 with pudding filling

I definitely will make chocolate eclairs in the future, maybe when I don't remember clearly how many bowls and sauce pans there had been to wash.

- Bana

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