Sunday, August 31, 2008

Experiments with Chocolate Éclairs

I love chocolate éclairs!!! I remember when I was a teenager and could go to our local bakery and eat 2 or 3 at a time (with no ill effects). I even made chocolate éclairs when I was a daring 9th grade baker! I thought these would be a delicious piece of cake so to speak.

The éclairs themselves turned out very small, soft & eggy even though I baked them for more time than the recipe called for. The chocolate filling was wonderful but more like a pudding filling. My chocolate glaze seemed pretty drippy – although delicious. When I put all the parts together, they formed a very soft, gooey, chocolatey confection. I was disappointed; these were not what I was craving.


Taking my cue from other daring bakers who do not let one disappointing batch deter them, I attempted to make new & improved éclairs. A recipe from my good old Betty Crocker cookbook was a winner. They puffed magnificently; they browned and crisped to perfection. Unfortunately, they also cooked too long when “someone” forgot to take them out of the oven on time! They were hard as rocks. My only consolation was that my sister and I spooned the last of the chocolate pastry cream into little bowls, topped it with whipped cream and enjoyed a tasty little treat.

Lucky for me, my childhood bakery is still in business and serving the chocolate éclairs that I know and love!

- Robin

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