Monday, June 2, 2008

L’Opéra Party!!

I mistakenly poured all the cream into the ganache. So I had to scoop some of the ganache into the white chocolate when I made the glaze.
But that part worked out OK. I used lemon juice instead of water in the syrup and that was delicious. To go with the lemon, I used spiced rum and vanilla so the cake had a tropical drink flavor.

My friend Genie had called to say her family was away for the day and would I join her at church then come to her house to grill burgers? I told her about the challenge and we decided I should bake it at her house. I ground the almonds at home and pre-measured all the ingredients and took everything with me. I worked on it all afternoon.
We had so much fun that she invited friends, her family came home unexpectedly, and we turned it into a party.

It is morel mushroom season in northern Michigan so we had burgers with grilled morels and onions and white cheddar melted on top, chunky redskin potato salad, baked beans with pimentos and spicy red peppers, a huge bowl of baby greens, some good wine, and lots of happy conversation.

Opera Cake Final Submission

The cake got a little rushed at the end and I was chilling things in the freezer so it would be ready in time. I did not get the lovely, smooth, even look some of you got, the ganache was undulating and the glaze only partially smoothed out the top. We took it out into the afternoon sunshine on the deck and picked some springtime dandelions and pink begonias to decorate. After a photo session, we discovered the piece we had cut to photograph was entirely too big to eat. Wow!
Was that thing sweet and rich!

Even so, most of us had a second piece. I left a huge section for my friend's teenage son who fell in love with it. More went home with her friends, and the rest came home with me. I sliced and put 2-packs in the freezer -- it freezes and serves really well. I gifted two of my neighbors and the manager of our complex with more pieces.

It was rich and sweet and completely over-the-top and I doubt I will put this much work into a cake again. But the experience was worth it.
We had a lovely afternoon and I was able to get better accquainted with some new neighbors while sharing a really special cake.

What an adventure! And this was my first challenge. I hope it doesn't get any more hectic than this. I don't think I could stand the excitement.

PS: Genie's friends decided we were going to have another party so they could help me eat next month's challenge.

PSS: My friend Genie cut really thin slivers and covered them with strawberries and even those who thought the cake was too sweet loved it. Even her husband who dislikes any desserts except fruity ones.

- Betty


Sandicita said...

Great job! Hope the work was worth it!

Dolores said...

A teenager loved your cake. That's the best review of all. Congratulations... great job!

Claire said...

Teenage boys are wonderful tasters aren't they?! Medical school boys are, too! Great job.