Sunday, June 29, 2008

Danish braids...yum

Well, I find recipes fall into 3 categories. Bad, Good, and Really Super Duper Good. This recipe was so super duper good, i made it twice. Lets go back to the beginning.

Any of you who actually know me, know that I'm in culinary school right now for Classic Pastry Arts. We started a venoissierie section just before this challenge and I was literally thinking when I came on to the DB site to find out what the challenge was, hm..danish would be a GREAT challenge...most people at home don't work with laminated doughs. So I came on and I was like YES!!! (I got just a little excited and did a little happy dance) and then I got to thinking..oh, what oh what can I make as a filling. And the ideas just started pouring out of my head and on to paper. I literally had a page and a half of things i could do! My husband thought I was obsessing just a bit to much. So on to baking day.

The followed the recipe and I love cardamom, it's what we used in the danishes at school. So the first one I did was a bit traditional. Almond creme and raspberry jam and topped it with a strudel topping. And Oh, it was good. The second was the apple compote. I liked it, I wasn't crazy about it though. Then my dear dear hubby told me on a thursday night that he had invited 2 of his co-workers and their wives over for dinner friday night! Ack! I hate when he does that!!!! So I decided to go a bit different. I wasn't quite in the mood for "normal" dinner party food, so I decided to make another danish braid! But this time, I made it with cream cheese and smoked salmon. I put everything bagel seeds on the top and it was soo yummy. I served it with fruit salad, coffee and OJ in lovely wine glasses. And I gave slippers and pjs to all our guests and we had a breakfast party. They thought it was the greatest thing ever. I was a great change from a traditional dinner party. And the last one I made I had some fun with. I made a pecan pie filling, it was so gooey and messy but so good.

So there you go, my four different but very yummy danish braids. I know, I know, still no pictures. I've given up with my darn mac and trying to get it to do new things. I'm off to go read more about danish should too!!


Jackie said...

Oh my, four different braids is quite ambitious! Love the dinner party idea -- very inventive!

kellypea said...

Your pj party sounds so much fun. We've talked about it, but that's as far as it gets. Our pjs are just too ugly! Glad you enjoyed the challenge!

Dolores said...

Ah... a baker after my own heart, obsessing over the filling options.

And smoked salmon and cream cheese... what an inspired combination. :) Great job!