Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh! Gasp! Le Opera!!

Well, Le Opera. It's me against you. You win. But in reality, I win, HA! I ate you!!!

 After not making the last challenge, more being late, I'm back! Alas, without pictures. 

 I must say, this was a bit of a challenge for me. More time than anything else. The opera is a beautiful cake, all those layers of yummyness. It's just to darn time consuming!! It was gorgeous, and made the perfect ending to a dinner party with hubbs' bosses. His leiutenants  wife was thoroughly impressed. I almost said to her Ha! It's not me, it's the Daring Bakers!! but no, I kept my mouth shut..I enjoyed the compliments =)

I know, it's a short one..I've been up for SOO many hours and need some sleep. 

Thank you daring bakers! And I can't wait to have the time to look at all of your Opera's!!!



Dolores said...

If you impressed the lieutenant's wife, you definitely won! Congratulations... great job!

Sandicita said...

What flavors did you make? I'm glad the end result was impressive.

Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by My blog and commenting about my SLeeping Beauty Cake!Yeah..I dont know what I was thinking making that cake when I have never made a cake beofre..I guess one will do anything to see a smile on their childs face! And boy did I get a BIG smile!!
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